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Born and raised among the wealthy, slave-holding aristocracy of colonial Virginia, George Washington devoted his life to the establishment and success of America as an independent nation. A surveyor at 16 and a lieutenant colonel in the French and Indian War at 22, he managed to spend a few years as a gentleman farmer on his Mount Vernon estate before the Revolutionary War began. Elected commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in 1775, Washington led the Patriot forces in battle against England for eight turbulent years before helping the colonies gain their independence. Later, with the fledgling nation in need of firm leadership, Washington was unanimously elected the first president of the United States of America.


Artist Peter Copeland captures these outstanding events in the life of this revered American. Forty-two ready-to-color illustrations depict such memorable scenes as his participation in the war between Britain and France, his proposal of marriage to Martha Custis, his appointment as commander of the patriot forces, his election to two terms as the American president, and his funeral in Mount Vernon.


Informative captions accompany detailed illustrations in an entertaining coloring book that will also serve as a practical reference for young students of American history.

George Washington Coloring Book

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