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Garden Restoration Project

Summer 2018

By the 1980s the Dey Mansion gardens had begun to deteriorate and most of the 1934 landscaping had been lost. While the Riverview Garden Club had been actively involved in maintaining the gardens over the years, their work became primarily focused on saving the knot garden, the small area east of the formal gardens.


As early as 2006, plans were being made to restore the  grounds of the Dey Mansion and return them to their 1930s luster. The original Olmsted Brothers design was once again consulted and in 2017 the plans for the restoration were finalized.

In addition to new plantings and trellises, the plan includes the addition of new benches and paved walkways around the gardens as well as a second phase to bring benches, shade trees and pathways around the front lawn.

Work officially began in July 2018 and is slated to be finished by early Spring 2019.

Stay tuned for garden related events and programming!

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