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Volunteering at Dey Mansion


Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

We are always looking for help with the following: 

Information Desk & Interpretive Guides

  • Greeting Visitors: Volunteers will greet visitors to the Mansion and assist them with information regarding tours, programs and special events. Volunteers must be comfortable interacting with the public and have a friendly demeanor. All volunteers in this position will sell admission tickets and must know the tour, the tour route, and be able to conduct a tour. All Volunteers will be fully trained on interpretation and best practices for conducting a tour.

  • School Programs: Volunteers are asked to assist with school group logistics with possibilities for conducting school programs. Volunteers wishing to lead school programs will be fully trained in best practices for conducting school programs and must also be able to pass a background check.

  • General Information Desk Housekeeping: Volunteers will be responsible for restocking supplies needed to conduct business for the following day; this will include counting out the cash box, making photocopies and the restocking of brochures and fliers, and tidying up the Visitor Center.

Hours and Availability for Information Desk & Guides:

  • You must be able to commit to two (2) days per month. This includes at least one (1) day Wednesday-Sunday during normal tour hours and one (1) special event per month.

  • During the school calendar year, those wishing to lead school programs must be available Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm as needed per program schedule.



  • All volunteers will be provided a Dey Mansion Volunteer shirt and will be required to wear it along with khaki pants, shorts or skirts.

  • For school programs, the Dey Mansion has costume clothing that one may choose to wear to interpret the period.


Administrative & Staff Support

  • General Administrative Duties: Volunteers in this capacity will be asked to perform general tasks associated with office work. This may include: preparing bulk mailings, updating visitor information, tallying visitor statistics, filing and assisting with the cataloguing of the Dey Mansion collections.

  • Research: Volunteers are always welcome to assist with Dey Family research and research for special exhibitions and events.


Hours and Availability for Administrative & Staff Support:

  • Volunteers in this capacity must be available during the regular work week of Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Hours for this position can be flexible but we do ask that you give at least two (2) days per month.



  • All volunteers will be provided a Dey Mansion Volunteer shirt and will be required to wear it along with khaki pants, shorts or skirts.

  • In lieu of Volunteer Shirt, volunteers will be expected to dress in business casual attire.

Sign up for volunteering at Dey Mansion

Thank you for your interset in volunteering at Dey Mansion. Our staff will be in touch with you soon!

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