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Lecture Series: The President is Dead! The Extraordinary Stories of the Presidential Deaths...

Presented by Louis Picone Sunday, June 11th at 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

When George Washington died in 1799, there was no historic precedent for how to memorialize a deceased president. From that early unscripted event, presidential funeral and burial customs have transformed over the past 200 years to the State Funerals planned years in advance that are now customary when our presidents pass away (the last being Gerald Ford in 2006). In addition, their final resting places have also evolved from small indiscreet stone markers, to the massive ornate tombs of the gilded age, and to the current trend of burials at Presidential Libraries. In 2016, author and historian Louis L. Picone’s latest book The President is Dead! The Extraordinary Stories of the Presidential Deaths, Final Days, Burials, and Beyond (New York: Skyhorse Publishing) was released. Recounting the often strange and unusual stories of each president’s death, the book’s chapters are organized in order of when the presidents died, not when they served. This allows the reader to learn how presidential funeral and burial customs have changed over the years. In his engaging discussion, Picone will present this evolution by showing historical trends as well as, of course, fascinating stories of specific presidents’ deaths, final days, burials, and beyond.

Admission for this event is FREE. The event will include a tour of Dey Mansion and light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited! ***Reservations are required***

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