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Lecture Series: The 10 Days that Saved the American Revolution

Presented by Bob Monacelli Sunday, June 18th at 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

The following is a preview of Bob Monacelli’s June 18 lecture topic: “The 10 days that saved the American Revolution.”

After suffering several defeats in and around New York City in the fall of 1776, George Washington and the remainder of the Continental Army withdrew across New Jersey and crossed the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. Washington was faced with the fact that the enlistments for many of his troops would expire on December 31, 1776.

He conceived a bold plan to cross the Delaware and attack the isolated Hessian garrison, numbering 1,500 battle hardened troops, at Trenton, New Jersey. This incredible feat was accomplished on December 26 with the defeat of Colonel Rall’s Hessians, 900 of which were taken prisoner.

However, when Washington re-crossed the Delaware into Pennsylvania, he realized this victory might be considered only an isolated incident, and could be brushed aside by the British and Americans as well., As a result, he held a council of war at which time it was decided to cross over into Trenton for a second time and set up a defensive position to receive the anticipated British advance on the village.

The British launched their attack on January 2, 1777 but were repulsed by the Continentals. Washington then led his men around the British flank and successfully attacked Princeton. The victory at Princeton caused the British to retreat from New Jersey and return to winter quarters in and around New York City while Washington moved into camp at Morristown.

Admission for this event is FREE. The event will include a tour of Dey Mansion and light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited! ***Reservations are required***

Image: "Washington's Triumphal Entry into New York, November 25th 1783. This was a huge holiday and celebration in New York, marking the day the last British troops sailed out of the city.

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