Freeholder Pasquale "Pat" Lepore, Freeholder Deputy Director, was first elected to the Board in 2004 and subsequently reelected in 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. His past service includes four terms as the Mayor of Woodland Park and a term on the Borough Council. He and his wife Linda are proud to call the Borough of Woodland Park/West Paterson their home for the past 44 years. They live there along with their son Robert, his wife Rebecca, and two grandchildren. Robert is a veteran of United States Marine Corps and continues his service to his community and country as a Police Officer in Woodland Park. As Freeholder Lepore very proudly commented at his swearing-in ceremony: “My son’s public service far exceeds my own.”

Upon election to the Freeholder Board, he retired as a Sales Representative for the Entenmann’s Division of George Weston Bakeries. He remains a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Union Local 802 located in Long Island City, New York. Freeholder Lepore’s commitment to Passaic County has been recognized by many public, private and civic organizations. This includes service on the Alfred H. Baumann Library Board, the Office of Emergency Management, the West Paterson Boys & Girls Club, Passaic County Board of Social Services, and Camp Hope Commission. Throughout his tenure on the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Freeholder Lepore has been elected Director of the Board twice and has also served on every standing Passaic County committee including the Passaic County Technical Institute and the Passaic County Community College Board of School Estimates.

Freeholder Lepore helped spearhead fiscal initiatives and has served as budget chair for the past 7 years resulting in nine credit upgrades to Passaic County’s bond ratings from Moody’s Financial Services, an independent credit rating agency which has given the county its highest bond rating in its history. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on interest payments and debt service for Passaic County taxpayers. Freeholder Lepore’s fiscal stewardship has allowed our county government to rein in costs, increase efficiencies, and more effectively share services.